Raw Material Procurement

The highly professional method by which we enable production of the best quality textile goods has enrooted its basis in the experience of highly professional and experienced management who do hold in depth knowledge of textile products.

Leaded by the native experience, the method to get the best quality finished goods to the customer, textile materials need to go through several processes in WTC factory. These processes are aligned keeping in view the method followed by factories in first world countries.

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At very first step our raw material procurement department keeps in close touch with global first grade original rags exporting organizations. To achieve the highest satisfaction level of our utmost customer, we have about 4 to 6 channels through out the world to get original rags.

Sorting & Grading of Used Clothes

Next step to explore the method is to have goods sorted out in pre defined manner. To have swift performance and comfortable working environment for workforce, an electronic conveyor belt has been installed. Workers standing at its sides pick up their concerned textile product and enable swift segregation.

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Segregated textile goods are then sent over to concerned departments for their further checking and grading purpose. To perform this task of grading at par, WTC offer three stage checking of goods to assure less then 1% chances of mistake. At first grading stage an experienced person is deployed to check and segregate goods.

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Quality Control Check

After being finalized by first grading team member, the goods are brought to the team leader who check each item one by one to assure quality control.

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As soon as these team leaders pass the products to be at standard of WTC, another team passes it from a random check to find out discrepancy if any. In this way WTC enable itself to assure client for the best quality product required by them.

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Weighing & Packaging

Now when all the checking and quality control activities are performed on the products, it comes near to final stage where it is weighed and packed at international standards. Proper weight record is kept for each single unit to ensure there don’t be any lagging at any stage.

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Keeping in view the requirements of the clients we offer packaging at 45kg/unit and 80kg/unit. This also gives WTC an edge over the competitors in market. To enable this facility WTC has equipped its premises with high-tech machines.

Export Ready Goods

After being packed at international standard, finished goods are stored at separate premises of work house from where it is exported to global clients. So far WTC has been able to get good market share in very short span of time and the growth trend shows a further bright time for it to come. We welcome you to give us a chance to work with your end and let us deliver the best to you.

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